Big deals: Corporations and renewable energy

Many major corporations have made sustainability commitments which often include ensuring a minimum level of renewable energy is used to produce their goods and services. These targets are generally higher than local utilities can provide, so corporations are increasingly striking deals to procure their own renewable energy and, in some cases, ditching their traditional power provider completely.

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The IPO of Saudi Aramco: Salvation or mirage?

Under pressure from depressed oil prices and voluntary production cuts, the Saudi economy is feeling the pinch.  To provide some much-needed relief and capital to diversify their economy, the Saudi royal family is moving towards an IPO of Saudi Aramco, as early as 2018.


Woe-PEC: The cartel’s troubles continue, even after a deal is struck

On November 30th, after months of negotiations, OPEC reached a deal to curb their oil production in an attempt to boost the global oil price. Two weeks later, a second deal was struck with non-member countries, most notably Russia.  Despite an initial oil price jump of almost 20%, serious concerns remain that, in the long-term, the deals will not provide the desired price increase for the group of oil-producing nations.  As agile shale oil players in the United States mobilise in response to the higher price and growing optimism in the industry, it is not hard to see why...

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A new Dane rises: Lessons in transformation from DONG Energy

Never has the expression “winds of change” seemed more appropriate than in the case of DONG Energy, Denmark’s largest energy company. The odd acronym stands for Dansk Olie og Naturgas (Danish Oil and Natural Gas), a hangover from the company’s origins in North Sea drilling. The DONG Energy of today stands in stark contrast as one of the world’s champions of offshore wind.

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Catch 22: The UN climate conference and the Republican elephant in the room

November 7th: COP22, the follow-up session to last year's Paris UN Climate Change Conference kicked off in Marrakech, riding a wave of momentum from the signing of the Paris Agreement by 190+ countries and a recent announcement by U.S. and China to formally ratify the agreement.

November 8th: Donald Trump becomes president-elect of the United States of America, quickly appointing a leading climate-change denier to head the EPA transition team.

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Why Petroleum consumption won't disappear overnight

This year's headlines focussed on the oil bust, the record-setting pace of renewable investment, and high-profile electrical car plays. Amidst this, it is especially important to reflect on some basic realities when considering what may or may not unfold.