We’re trying something new here at the LBS Energy Club. With all the time we’ve spent lately preparing cases, studying for exams, deciding what we want to be when we grow up, and ordering ‘fancy dress’ from Amazon, we’ve found it hard to also keep our finger on the pulse of the Energy Industry.  That’s why, with special thanks to our sponsors: McKinsey, Statoil, Forsys Subsea, and Shell, we’re very excited to introduce our new publication – Plugged In.

Consider this your oil & gas news pipeline. Your electrical power source. Your direct line into on- and off-campus energy-related events.  We’ll seek to distill all the noise down to simple, digestible, and [hopefully] entertaining packages of information. We’re just getting started so if there is something that you love or would love to see, please let us know. Happy reading - we hope you’re a big fan. 

-Andrew Dean

Editor, Plugged In, on behalf of the LBS Energy Club